It is important in the world today to understand that there is a difference in terminology when it comes to “gender” and “sex.” While we are all born with certain physical attributes that are used to identify us regarding anatomy and biological sex, the notion of gender is not necessarily connected at all to what our anatomy may display. Physical attributes like sex organs, hormones, and sex chromosomes are what are typically used to assign a biological sex to us at birth. However, our gender is much more complicated than that. Today, it is not uncommon for people to feel that they do not identify with either gender in particular. Gaining a better understanding of this non-binary gender today can help you learn how other people may experience an perceived gender.

Grasping the Gender Lines

For most of us in the Western world, gender has typically been defined by two options only – male and female. As soon as a baby is born, we immediately turned to see what the sex organs are to give a clear indication of a gender label for the child. The truth is, however, that biological gender is much more fluid and complicated than simply sex organs. There is a vast area in between that many people identify with that present us with a wide array of possibilities where gender is concerned. Even though our culture may bombard us with all kinds of gender specifications, society today is continually expanding the definition of gender based on personal preferences, experiences, and self-expression.

Where This Fits In

Non-binary gender is not something new; social anthropologists and historians can find examples throughout history, dating back thousands of years ago, that display individuals that lived outside of the social norms that defined male and female roles. Today, we consider this category as one where people have an identity that falls somewhere between male and female. These individuals may live their lives in an androgynous way and have a gender identity that may vary and fluctuate over time. This neutral gender type goes beyond the typically restrictive boundaries that societal norms have impressed upon us for many years.

Facing Gender Challenges

For those that identify as non-binary, there may be daily challenges that they face because they are living outside of what many consider to be “the norm.” We at One Love All Equal work towards providing information and access so that all individuals, no matter what gender they may identify with, feel greater acceptance and inclusion. You can learn more about the importance of awareness and equality regarding gender when you visit our website at