As President Barack Obama readies to leave the oval office he also leaves behind a legacy on LGBTQ rights.

In his time as President of the United States Obama has worked to lift the ban on LGBTQ people who serve in the military, granted federal contractors protection against discrimination, and appointed a number of LGBTQ people to high-ranking positions. As if this were not a legacy worth celebrating he has further that marriage equality be instituted across the country.

Obama’s first statement in favour of marriage equality came on May 9th, 2012. His statement of support was the first of its kind to be made by an incumbent president. However his administration had been working towards this equality long before his public voice of support.

In 2011, then-Attorney General Eric Holder made the announcement that the administration would not defend the Defense of Marriage Act in court. Obama’s administration sent a clear message that the “political winds” were changing on this specific issue.

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