Adoption by same-sex couples, bisexual couples or couples where one or both partners may be transgendered has been a highly debated topic for many years not only in the United States but other countries around the world. Most countries that have constitutions and laws did not give consideration to LGBT topics at the time the laws and constitutions came into existence, often leaving a vague area open for interpretation and legal challenges. Despite the ongoing debate among some people, where the subject of LGBT adoption is concerned the most important factor remains that the opportunity provides a child with the chance to live in a supporting and loving environment they may not have had before.

An Important Role in the World

No matter what the conditions of any adoption are, it is important that the welfare of the child involved is the most critical factor under consideration. All children deserve the opportunity to be provided with a loving and nurturing home. Numerous studies have been conducted which show that children do not grow up differently or at any disadvantage when they live in a same-sex or LGBT household versus a heterosexual household. The quality of parenting has nothing at all to do with sexual orientation; the most important aspects involved in parenting come back to providing a caring and loving environment for a child, so they get the opportunity to thrive.

Like Any Other Adoption

Laws that cover LGBT adoption in the United States are regulated on a state level, and as of June of 2015, couples or single LGBT parents are legally allowed to adopt a child in all fifty states and the District of Columbia. States now consider these adoptions just as they would any other adoption, and the adoptions get evaluated just as they would be for any heterosexual individual. The growing awareness and visibility of LGBT families is creating greater acceptance among American society as a whole, and more people today are accepting of LGBT adoption than at any time in the past. However, as a community, we do need to do more to continually educate the public about the benefits of LGBT adoption, and acceptance of LGBT families.

Keeping Informed

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