The notion of family today can mean many different things to different people, but at its core, a family means the same thing – a group of people that have deep love and respect for one another and care deeply about each other. It is this approach to family that has allowed for the steadier growth of acceptance of what many people may have considered the “average” family. Today, having a family that consists of two men or women as the parents or a trans parent or child as part of the family is more common than many people may realize. The growing acceptance of the LGBT family is present in the United States today and is reflected more and more each day in society.

Social Acceptance All Around Us

Perhaps one of the greatest indicators of growing acceptance is that advertisers, marketing agencies, and the various types of media place a higher importance and value where LGBT is concerned. You are going to see many more advertising efforts today that depict same-sex parents and family units on television, the Internet and in magazines than ever before. Companies realize the growing importance of showing that families like this are part of everyday life and commercials and advertising like this help to bring the notions further into the mainstream public eye. We also see many more movies, television shows, books, websites and all other kinds of media depicting families that are LGBT today.

Still Strides to be Taken

Even though there have been more efforts taken to display the LGBT family as an integral part of family life today, there is still more acceptance that needs to take place. The changes that have occurred have been a good starting point; these changes are still relatively small in comparison to the larger picture that society presents. For strides to continue, it is important that websites like ours at One Love All Equal continue to move forward and bring stories of importance to greater light.

A Quality Source for Information

It is our goal to help in the efforts to spread the idea that love has many different faces and family exists in many different ways, but all have high value and deserve equal rights and treatment. If you would like to read more stories about the growth of the LGBT family and other important articles relating to LGBT, please take the time to visit One Love All Equal at and read what we are all about and how we work to support the LGBT community.