1. Homosexuality is a disease

International health bodies such the World Health Organization, the American Psychology Association affirm that homosexuality does not constitute a pathology or psychological disorder, and prohibits any attempt to alter the sexual orientation of individuals.

The only support that psychologists must offer to homosexuals is the strengthening of their self-esteem and the strategies for them to deal with social and family prejudice.

2. Homosexuality is not natural

Homosexuality is as natural as heterosexuality or bisexuality, that is, it is one more variant of sexual complexity. Besides Men, there are more than 1.500 animal species that have homosexual practices.

3. All homosexual women want to be men

Most homosexuals (lesbian women) like to be and identify themselves as women. Women that identify themselves as men and live like men are called transgender.

Sexual orientation is one thing (the desire and attraction) gender identity is another (behavior in society) and they depend on each other.

NB: The concepts “being a man” or “being a woman” vary through space and time.

4. Homosexual males are impotent men or only those who take on a passive sexual role.

Homosexual men are as much as studs as their heterosexual counterparts. The only difference between the two groups is that for the former the object of desire is another man and for the latter it is a woman. To say that both have erections and ejaculate.

Both the active subject (the one who penetrates) and the passive subject (the one who is penetrated) are homosexuals, although because of the stigma and questions related to masculinity, many active subjects refuse to be called such… but this a matter for another slide.

5. Homosexual males (gays) have a lot of money.

Homosexuals do not have more or less money than the general population.

The erroneous perception that gays have a lot of money results from two factors. The first is that those who have more means feel freer to publicly accept their homosexuality, this derives from their financial security. Second, these being the more visible people in the community (small) it creates the perception that homosexuality is linked to financial capacity.

6. Homosexuals are child molesters.

There are more heterosexual rapes than homosexual one in the world.

Sexual orientation is different from pedophilia (crime). This incorrect idea, which has been greatly spread by the conservative and extreme right wing sectors, is to stigmatize, provoke popular repulsion and justify the violence against homosexuals.

Pedophiles may be as much attracted to children of the same of sex, as the opposite sex, as the source of attraction of the pedophiles is in exercising their power over a child.

7. Homosexuality is an option or choice

Homosexuality is not an option or choice. Opting or choosing something implies that the individuals has command over those desires or impulses. Sexual orientation is part of the essence of the individual, that is, it is part of his being.

Given the social intolerance associated with homosexuality it would be very irrational if individuals opted for/chose to be homosexuals – it would be easier to be heterosexual, as no one likes to be stigmatized, rejected by their family, suffer violence or be insulted.

The only option or choice homosexuals make is whether they will exercise their sexuality openly, and this depends on the environment and conditions that prevail.

8. Gay men are attracted to all men, lesbian women are attracted to all women.

Just like heterosexuals, LGBTs have their preferences concerning food, car types, clothes, sport and the type of partner. Because of the stereotypes and lack of knowledge, some heterosexual people feel uncomfortable and even nervous in front of LGBTs, and think that they are being checked out. The solution to this problem is to get to know more LGBTs and find out more about them.

9. LGBT people “coming out of the closet” show off a lot or like attention

Most LGBTs simply desire the same freedom of expression of their love for their boyfriend/girlfriend, partner, spouse which heterosexuals enjoy, for example, holding hands, caress the partner or kiss in public. It is not a political demonstration or wanting to be the centre of attention, they only want to be themselves.

10. LGBTs recruit people to become LGBT as well.

For us LGBTs, especially among the younger ones, the isolation and sense of abandonment can cause depression and lead to suicide. What LGBT groups do is promote spaces and platforms for these to freely express and accept themselves.

This myth is based on the idea that sexual orientation (sexual desire) can be taught or learned. One of the most heinous aspects of this myth is the accusation that LGBTs recruit children to become LGBTs. This lie has been and is, in some parts of the world responsible for the interdicting of LGBT teachers from class rooms, violence, abuse ad refusal of civil, economic and political rights.

11. Transgender are Drag Queens/Drag Kings

Drag Queens are people that dress up with the purpose of entertaining or showmanship.

Transgender have a deep connection with the gender that is different from their anatomy.   They do not dress with the purpose of attracting attention or entertaining a party, but to reflect what they are inside.

12. Homosexuals only exist in the cities

Sexual orientation has nothing to do with the place where one lives. Studies indicate that in every 10 people, at least one person is homosexual. The greater visibility of homosexuals in cities is due to cities being more accepting of differences, the discretion and freedom that cities offer for people to express their sexual orientation and gender identity. Truth is, we are everywhere.

13. LGBTs are immoral

Being LGBT has to do with sexual orientation and gender identity of the individual; being immoral is something else which is very subjective and variable, that it, it is a judgement of values which we make about the behaviour of others based on values we learn to be the most correct, but these vary from group to group and time to time.

Each individual, or group of individuals, has its own vision of what is moral or immoral. This vision may or may not be shared by other groups, therefore these are not absolute universal truths. For example: Some people may think that polygamy is moral, while others not. These judgments depend on relative values, based on cultural values, morals and particular beliefs of each group, which may change throughout history.

Less informed and even prejudiced people often label homosexuals as immoral with the purpose of diminishing them or increasing their own moral position towards them. The important thing is to know that personal or particular group opinions are not definitive universal facts.

14. Homosexuals are not homophobic

Homosexuals “in the closet” can be VERY homophobic. Internalized homophobia acts as a defense mechanism.

Individuals with internalized homophobia also known as cynics , live in anguish out of the fear of being different, pointed at, ridiculed, attacked or rejected by their parents or families. These try very hard to fit into the normative hetero standards, and feel very uncomfortable in the presence of other homosexuals.

It is very common for cynics to integrate anti-homosexual groups and publicly have very homophobic positions with a view to divert attention from his/her own homosexuality, by physically or verbally attacking those homosexuals who openly live their sexuality.

Psychologists affirm that internalized homophobia reduces as the individual gradually accepts his/her sexuality.

The next time you hear someone saying that they have a visceral hatred for homosexuals, pay attention for this individual may be a cynic in need of a friendly shoulder to open up.

15. Homosexual practices are an import/imposition from the west

Homoerotism is an expression of human sexuality and independent from the geographical location. Since the early days of humanity Men (men and women) be it for mere desire, religious motives, rituals or the absence of the opposite sex, have involved in homoerotic acts or taken on gender roles of the opposite sex.

This myth was created in Africa by the first European explorers and missionaries influenced by the Judaic – Christian morality of their countries of origin. These portrayed the native people as primitive beings, that is, very close to the animals, culturally inferior, incapable of love and of having sexual desire by individuals of the same sex. To these, the negroid just like the animals, dedicated all its sexual energy solely for procreation. They therefore used this constructed image of the negroid to defend their false naturalization of homosexuality, with the purpose of challenging what they believed to be the corruption of human nature promoted by the modern European civilization. It is worth mentioning that at this time, very little was known about homosexuality in the animal kingdom.

Anthropologists in subsequent studies point at the great diversity of homoerotic manifestations between the native Africa peoples, among them the Azande warriors in the north of Congo who married boys who temporarily took on the role of their wives. Like the Azende, the Bala, the Shona.

The taboo around homosexuality in Africa is based on the western Judaic-Christian morality and not African. To perpetuate this myth is to perpetuate racism against Africans, it is to erase our history and ignore the various dimensions and multiculturalism of the African continent and its peoples.

Source: Stephen O. Murray and Will Roscoe “Boy-Wives and Female Husbands, Studies in Africa Homosexualities”, Marc Epprecht “Heterosexual Africa – History of an Idea from the Age of Exploration to Age of Aids”

16. Homosexuals are a danger to human survival

Sexual orientation does not suppress the possibility of reproduction, that is, homosexuals should they desire can have children by turning to technological advances in medicine. For example, a lesbian couple, one of them may conceive with the help of donated genetic material, or a in case of a gay couple one of them can donate the genetic material.

This myth is greatly diffused by conservative social institutions with a view to create panic and anti-homosexual feelings.

Besides, only 5% of the 6 billion earth inhabitants are exclusively homosexual, considering that reproduction is exponential – Just do the math.

Recent studies indicate that nature always maintains the balance between exclusively homosexuals and heterosexuals. The great evidence of this is that you are reading this myth (truth be told, very silly).

17. Homosexuals are into material possessions

Sexual orientation and gender identity is one thing, selling sex is another.

This myth is based on the idea that the desire, attraction and affection between people of the same sex is not natural, and therefore, at least one of the people in the relationship is only there to obtain material possessions.

It is true that there homosexuals and bisexuals who are sex workers just like the rest of the general population.

The protagonists of this myth aim to delegitimize affective relationships among people of the same sex, reducing these to a commercial transaction. Truth be told there are more heterosexual sex workers than homosexual ones.

18. Lesbian women have not found the right man.

Lesbian women are very happy and sexually satisfied with their partners.

This myth, greatly diffused by heterosexual men, is based on ignorance about the sexuality of the female body, as well as the fear that some of them have of losing their position of power, being perceived as disposable or useless.

Those who advocate this myth forget that a relationship between two people is a lot more than sex. There is affection, desire, and there is also complicity among partners.

19. Homosexuals cannot maintain stable relationships.

All relationships between couples need social support and positive references to remain healthy and lasting, that is, the relationship is not just made by two people, and it involves family, friends and a whole lot of things that “push” the couple to stay together.

In social environments like ours, relationships between people of the same sex are kept secret and between four walls. There are no positive examples that serve as references. Homosexual couples do not have the support of friends or family to overcome difficult moments of the relation, on the contrary all of society pressurizes for the relationship to end; by delegitimizing and putting it into ridicule. Even in this adverse environment, there are many homosexual couples in stable relationships.

20. Homosexuals are not religious or spiritual people.

Many homosexuals are religious people and have their own beliefs. There are religions and congregations that are open (1) to homosexuals such as for example, the Presbyterians and Anglicans (2) there are equally progressive Catholic and Islamic movements which advocate the integration of homosexuals into the congregations. There are equally manners of spiritual manifestation indifferent to sexual orientation like Buddhism.

21. Those who sympathize or support homosexual causes are equally homosexuals.

To sympathize with the cause of a minority it is not mandatory that the person is part of the minority group, but only that the person has empathy, sense of justice and respect for a fellow person .

Some people hesitate to associate themselves with anything to do with homosexuality out of fear of being identified as homosexuals.


Courtesy: Lambda, translated by MA Solutions