LGBTI Kenyans share their coming out experiences in the None On Record video series.
Kenyan LGBT Activist Solomon Wambua talks about coming out to his mother and the challenges LGBT people face when telling family members about their sexuality. Courtesy: Youtube

Njeri Gateru, Legal Officer at the National Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (Kenya) shared her story of why she became a lawyer and coming to terms with her sexuality as a young person. Courtesy: Youtube

Executive Chef Kendi Magiri shares her story of coming out to her family in Kenya. Courtesy: Youtube

Lorna Dias, Executive Coordinator of the Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya talks about growing up and coming out as lesbian in Kenya.
Courtesy: Youtube

Cleopatra Kambugu talks about being outed in a tabloid newspaper in Uganda and how that impacted her career as a scientist. Courtesy: