I Am Cait’s drop in viewers during its second season didn’t impress E!

Caitlyn Jenner’s reality show I Am Cait has reportedly been cancelled after two seasons due to a low viewership.

The show, which was pulled from African broadcasting, followed Jenner’s transition and featured the Kardashian family as well as trans activists.

According to Inquisitr, an insider from I Am Cait has revealed that the show “can’t compete with other programming.”

“There just weren’t enough viewers,” they said.

The insider explains that the audience failed to relate to Jenner due to her “lavish lifestyle and controversial political beliefs.”

Despite this, E! have released a statement saying that “no decision has been made” about the show.

Jenner recently revealed that it was harder for her to come out as a Republican than it was to come out as transgender.


This article was originally published on Atittude.