By Fabio Crispim

Cleveland’s 2016 Pride celebration has officially been cancelled.

Cleveland Pride’s CEO Todd Saporito said that the decision came due to a “changing social climate”.

“Because of the changing social climate, Cleveland Pride did not have enough time to engage in the development of awareness programs and training that we believe is critical in today’s environments.”

He adds, “Therefore, we regretfully cancelled our 28th annual parade, rally and festival this year.”

“While the specific day of celebration has been cancelled, Cleveland Pride Inc. seeks to remind everyone that Pride is not a one-day celebration, but a daily act of visibility throughout our community.”

“While we may not be marching as a large, unified body, we can come together throughout Cleveland and continue our support of local LGBTQ establishments and LGBTQ community members.”

According to, a statement by Phyllis Harris, the president of the LGBT Community Centre of Greater Cleveland, reveals she was “disappointed” by the decision but explains that it wasn’t for The Centre to decide.

“We are deeply disappointed in the absence of the Cleveland Pride celebrations this year. From the tragedy of the Pulse nightclub shooting to the historic passage of a trans nondiscrimination ordinance here in Cleveland to the ongoing fight for full LGBTQ rights across the country, this is a time when we desperately need an opportunity to be together and to be visible.”

Though 2016’s celebration has been cancelled, Saporito reassures that board members and volunteers will come together to discuss “awareness and training programs” to prepare for the 2017 celebration.

Cleveland’s Pride celebration was set to take place on August 13.


This article was originally published on Attitude.