Murderer admitted to having ‘gay anger’

A Brazilian man murdered a 15-year-old gay teenager to death before going back to his birthday party.
The 30-year-old is charged with beating the young boy to death before disrobing his lifeless body at a party in Santa Catarina.
He told police he killed the boy because he has ‘gay anger’ and ‘suspected that he was gay’.
The 15-year-old victim, Erick Kanaan da Silva, had gone to the party for the assailant with his female friend and stayed after she left later that night.
Prosecuting attorney Jair Pareira Duarte said the victim ‘left home without dinner, drank on an empty stomach without being accustomed to alcohol and became ill’.
The assailant then knocked da Silva to the ground and then started kicking him until he died, according to Universo Online.
It was found da Silva died of a result of head trauma and internal bleeding.
The man admitted to removing da Silva’s clothing over fear his fingerprints would be identified.
After da Silva was kicked, party guests moved the party to a different location without calling police. The man and a group of friends allegedly wrapped the murder victim in curtains, threw him in a truck, and discarded the body miles away.
As Rio readies for the Summer Olympics, concerns have grown that LGBTI Brazilians are being murdered at a huge rate.

According to Grupo Gay da Bahia, nearly 1,600 LGBTI people are murdered in Brazil since 2011. By their estimates, a gay or trans person in Brazil is killed almost every day.


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