Openly gay Harry Potter actress, Miriam Margolyes, has said that she doesn’t understand why gay people “are so anxious to get married.”

The 75 year old, who has been with her partner, Heather, for 48 years, said of her own partnership: “We’ve had a civil partnership, but the thought of referring to one another as wife makes me feel sick”. Her comments came in an interview with The Observer magazine.

In other comments, the actress spoke of how she can’t bear children: “I support children’s charities, I just don’t want them around me. It’s not very admirable, but it’s the truth”.

Margolyes went on to say how she loved to be a part of the Harry Potter series, playing Professor Sprout, and her affection for JK Rowling, a “fabulous woman”: “I just love the fact that the richest woman in Britain is a write, what a brilliant state of affairs. But Harry Potter didn’t make me rich, i was pleasantly paid, and it was just extraordinary to be a part of something that will mean generations of children know who I am.”

Margolyes had a rough experience with coming out to her parents. She said: “people who were gay were pitied and ridiculed by my parents” continuing: “And I didn’t tell my parents, in fact, until I was something like 27. My mother was utterly appalled and disgusted.”

When her mother told her father, which she had asked her not to do, they made the woman swear on a bible that she would never sleep with a woman again.

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