The State of Mississippi has made history this week. However, its vote to pass House Bill 1523 is being criticised as the “most sweeping anti-LGBT legislation in the US.”

The bill, which passed the Mississippi Senate, would protect religious organisations, people, and businesses if they were to refuse service LGBT people. Furthermore, the bill would protect those who do not recognise the gender identity of a transgender person.

Senator Jennifer Branning says that the bill offers necessary protection. “I don’t think this bill is discriminatory,” She further added that the bill would “protect the rights of Christians who oppose same-sex couples getting married from facing government retribution. It takes no rights away from anyone.”

Upon the passage of the bill a democrat proposed a motion to reconsider. This will require another vote to be taken.

Ben Needham, director of Project One America, has called the bill “probably the worst religious freedom bill to date.” Democratic Senator John Horhn shared Needham’s opinion and said that the bill is unquestionably discriminatory.