I get asked often what we do here at Bullies Keep Out LLC. The easiest way to describe it is that we doing a little bit of everything to cater to every one of all ages and their needs. We also aim to take action, create change, and save lives. The formal profile can be seen on many of our social media sites and in our welcome section of the site: anti-bullying/anti-hate social movement/campaign geared towards any form of bullying, LGBT, equality, all forms of hate, domestic violence, suicide awareness, & addiction. We with many causes as they all go back to some form of bullying or hate, whether it is to ourselves (self-bullying) or at another. What people I think fail to realize at times is that we can be our own worst bully. It is not just limited to one person doing it to another. One statement I live by is that there is no limitations on bullying. It can happen to any one of us at any single moment, even those who are high profile individuals. Some are more vulnerable than others, yes; however, it is still a major epidemic both on and offline.

I happen to have always had a huge heart for being a humanitarian, activist, and just helping others and giving back as much as I can in any way possible. It is all about working together and collaborating, which BKO does with other organizations and campaigns/projects.

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We do many things at Bullies Keep Out such as working with celebrity advocates, interviews, pod-casting, motivational speaking, PSA’s, stories, mentoring/coaching services, cyber-bullying services, social media monitoring, motivational and inspirational material, events/appearances, press/media, quotes, sharing news & spreading awareness, campaigns/projects, supporting other campaigns, charity work, volunteering, and we have many new exciting things coming in the near future such as a fundraising project and hopefully some speaking engagements coming up. I also have many goals that I have set that I am working on as well. Some things I can’t discuss just yet…but stay tuned.

In the little time BKO has been around, many people have told me they are astonished on how much it has grown. I am a bit shocked myself how it took off, especially as of late with an amazing, emotional, and very powerful PSA by one of our advocates actor Michael Raymond-James and his friends. They even wrote a song specifically for Bullies Keep Out. Between the song and the PSA, I have not been able to stop watching. I was so moved and appreciative of all the hard work by all on this message. It truly captured what we are all about. Bullies Keep Out is very personal in nature with everybody such as how I present things, talk to people, things we post, and how I work with my advocates. We want it to be unique in that way that we touch lives on a very personal level, which is why all our work is very real, raw, and down to earth.

Bullies Keep Out has been featured on talk shows, pod-casts, social media, magazines, and other sites. I am beyond grateful and blessed to be doing what I am doing. This is a big part of my life and who I am as a person. Advocacy and humanitarian work is what I want to be doing as much as I can on my time off from my day job and other work I do outside of those things. I am a diverse individual who likes to have my hands in different arenas of interest.

We offer an abundance of information on the site, along with different forms catering to sharing stories, discussion, LGBT, teachers/parents, teens, and so on.

I had this vision to be outside the box, as myself, when it came to Bullies Keep Out. Though I have an amazing editor, graphic artist, and designer, I prefer some of our recordings and material to be very raw and personal. I want to reach the diversity that is out there. Some people like to read and some are visual. Some love seeing a very humble approach rather than everything being extremely professionally done or all the same. The goal is to touch people by our words and what we are doing, rather than how we are doing it.

There are also many ways to get involved with Bullies Keep Out. Supporters and followers can RT and mention us on ours and their social media sites. They can get involved in sharing their stories, doing videos, guest writing, submitting artwork, or getting involved in any of our three campaigns we have going on: #StandUp #CallToAction (started by actor Michael Raymond-James), #MessageOfLove, #IAmNotAlone (Created for suicide awareness). The information to these campaigns can all be found under the projects/campaigns section of the website.

Bullies Keep Out plans to only grow bigger with the incredible support I receive on the daily, amazing celebrity advocates that do so much that I have no words for, and everybody else that gets involved and helps spread what we are doing and awareness for the causes.

I can tease that there are some really awesome things to come…big happenings in the near future, so please reach out and email me at DanaJ@bullieskeepout.com. We try to be available 24/7 if we can. Always feel free to DM as well.

There is much more to see, learn about, and information on our site. Please check us out and like and follow us on all our social media sites. You can also register on our site to create a profile and receive information.

One final note: I want to thank all my celebrity and special advocates, as they are a big part of BKO and making it what it is. If it wasn’t for their work and dedication as supporters, I would not be where I am without them. They help us grow in more ways than one.

A special thank you to One Love, All Equal for reaching out to Bullies Keep Out

Be kind…LOVE BIG! So much love…