In a first step towards equal rights Nepal has become the first Asian country to pass laws which are to the benefit of the LGBT community.

The new laws in Nepal will protect the LGBT community violence, discrimination, any form of abuse and exclusion. The Director of the Human Rights Campaign Global, Ty Cobb, noted the significant move towards equality for the LGBT community in Nepal. ‘The nation’s leadership has affirmed that its LGBT citizens deserve the constitutional right to live their lives free from discrimination and fear,’ he was quoted by Clapway.

Bibbi Abruzzini points out in the an article for Clapway that nineteen countries throughout the world now have laws regarding marriage equality and recognition of, legal, same sex marriages. However, the article quickly reminds that in ten other countries any form of same sex activity is punishable by death.

‘Furthermore, in a growing number of countries such as Nigeria, Lithuania and Russia, governments have sought to hush equality advocates and organizations with so-called ‘anti-propaganda’ laws and legislation,’ writes Abruzzini.

Still, the new legislation in Nepal to extend protection to the LGBT community is an important first step towards equality and the defence of all human rights.