In an exclusive interview with TIME, Ellen DeGeneres talks about coming out, staying in and not wanting to be “the lesbian actress”


TIME : So, for the record, are you yourself gay?

Ellen DeGeneres : Yes. You’re the first person that I’ve–I mean I knew that I was going to–that was one of the things when I decided to have my character on the show come out, I knew I was going to have to come out too. But I didn’t want to talk about it until the show was done. And you know, I watched my friend Melissa [Etheridge] come out, and she became “the lesbian rock star.” I never wanted to be “the lesbian actress.” I never wanted to be the spokesperson for the gay community. Ever. I did it for my own truth.

TIME : Why now?

DeGeneres : I don’t think I could have done this a long time ago, and I don’t think people would have accepted it as readily as they do now. Now I feel comfortable with myself, and I don’t have to be fearful about something damaging my career if it gets out, because now I’m in control of it–sort of. No one can hurt me now.

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