Dozens of ISIS recruits are reportedly leaving because they are not getting the ‘luxury cars’ they were promised before joining.

Why else would you want to leave a group that terrorizes civilians, engages in child brainwashing and routinely throws gay people off buildings and then stones them to death?

Published by the International Centre of the Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence, the report looks into the reasons why these extremists may have changed their minds.

Out of the 58 defectors from 17 different countries, the ICSR have identified four main narratives.

One was they wanted the ‘life of luxury that they were promised by ISIS propaganda’, according to The Independent.

The others said they felt actually being a part of Islamic extremist group was ‘dull and boring’, complaining about the lack of fighting.While others said they left due to the extreme violence to innocent civilians and hostages, the final problem was that they were afraid they might be executed next by their own commanders.

Other problems include ISIS fighting against other Sunni rebel groups instead of Assad’s government forces, the squabbling and in-fighting, as well as the direct racism against Indians.

The ICSR said they are hoping these stories can be used to stop young men and women from believing ISIS propaganda and traveling to Syria and Iraq to join a cult that will be very different to what they might expect.

They also said these 58 defectors are rare, as many of those who try to escape the clutches of radicals may also find themselves executed.


This article was originally published on Gay Star News